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We welcome referrals from your friends,neighbors,and co-workers.    Ann concentrates her law practice on estate planning and probate matters,and has prepared over eighteen hundred estate plans.    New clients are offered a free,no obligation 30 minute consultation.    During the initial appointment,we will determine your current plan, and methods of reducing costs and accomplishing goals will be discussed.     An exact quote on fees for estate planning will be provided before you decide to authorize completion of your estate plan.

Ann welcomes the chance to speak to your group.

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Your problems are given Ms.Shaw’s continuing personal attention in order to attain the maximum result possible in the most reasonable time.

Quality legal services,good results for you and early completion of your work require skill and time which are a lawyer’s “stock in trade”,as Abraham Lincoln described them over one hundred years ago.    Generally,the attorneys fees charged by this office are based on Ms.Shaw’s skill and time expended,although some situations may involve other factors.

This office can usually quote a fixed fee for certain services, such as the drafting of documents needed for your estate plan. If Ms. Shaw’s consultation with you reveals the need for further study of the law or the facts before an opinion can be rendered, this further step will be discussed with you and a reasonable fee, calculated on the same basis, will be charged. If the case requires further work, arrangements to undertake this will be discussed between Ms. Shaw, as your lawyer, and you as the client.

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